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KeepSafe Pet Collars  - Medium 1' Blue 14"-20"
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KeepSafe Pet Collars - Medium 1' Blue 14"-20"

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Most dog owners are completely unaware of the risks and frequency of collar strangulation accidents until it’s too late. Prevent needless strangulation injuries and deaths with the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar.

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KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar
Most dog owners are completely unaware of the risks and frequency of collar strangulation accidents until it’s too late. Prevent needless strangulation injuries and deaths with the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar.

The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is the only collar that has a patented safety buckle that is designed to protect dogs from strangulation or injury. The most frequently reported accidents occur while two dogs are at play, on fences/decks, crates/kennels, heating/cooling vents, and branches or shrubs.


  • Protection against strangulation accidents and injuries
  • Safety buckle relases when pressure is applied
  • Safety buckle can be snapped back together quickly & easily for continued use
  • KeepSafe Collar can be used securely with a leas


To Walk Your Dog:

  1. To walk with leash, fasten leash to BOTH D rings
  2. Attach ID tags to ONE D ring 

Caution: To restrain your dog without a leash, grasp the collar with your hand around the Break-Away Buckle, otherwise the collar may release and your dog will be loose. If you anticipate certain situations will require frequent restraint, you may want to hold your dog by attaching the leash or choose a different collar style for the duration of that activity. We recommend the martingale-style Premier Collar.


How does the Premier KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar work?

The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar protects a dog from collar strangulation by using a patented safety buckle that releases in emergency situations, such as when a dog is entangled with an object or another dog. If a dog's KeepSafe Break-Away Collar becomes entangled, sufficient force is supplied to cause the safety buckle to release, freeing the dog from danger and saving it from possible strangulation. After the collar has released, it can be reattached and used again and again.

What is the break-away strength of each collar based on?
Through extensive laboratory and field test evaluation, the breaking strength of each buckle is based on the size of the collar and how pressure is applied to the collar. For example, if pressure is applied in-line, at an angle or twisted, the strength will vary. The breaking strength is lowest when it is pulled apart "in-line". For these reasons we do not give specific pounds of pressure breaking strengths for the collars.

Why should I consider the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar?
Although most dog owners care for their pets as a true member of the family, many dog owners are unaware of the risks of strangulation associated with traditional collars. Thousands of dogs are injured or strangled by their collars every year. In fact, in a 2003 survey, 96 percent of veterinarians reported having seen an incident of collar injury or strangulation within the last year.* The same veterinarians report the most common sources of collar-related injuries and strangulations as dogs becoming caught on a fence or a crate or one dog's lower jaw becoming caught on another's collar during play. Other commonly reported accidents occur when collars become entangled with branches, air vents or deck boards.

* Premier conducted a survey of more than 100 veterinarians at the 2003 North American Veterinarian Conference.

What dogs are at risk?
Any dog wearing a collar can potentially get into trouble with the collar becoming caught. Accidents happen regardless of size/type of dog, type of traditional collar or amount of supervision. The majority of collar accidents occur in the safety of the backyard or even the living room.

Puppies and young dogs are at a higher risk of this and other types of collar accidents. Our experience shows that puppies or young dogs are often trying to initiate play with an older dog and can more easily trigger a collar accident.

How do I fit the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar on my dog?
For everyday use, the KeepSafe Collar has a side-squeeze snap to take the collar on and off. As with any collar, dog owners should adjust the KeepSafe collar so that one or two fingers can fit between the dog's neck and the collar.

How can I walk my dog on a leash using the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar?
It's important to be able to securely walk your dog on a leash; that's why the KeepSafe Collar has an override feature to prevent an unwanted release. Simply attach the leash snap to the two "D" rings that cross over the safety buckle, and the break-away feature is disengaged.

Can I attach my dog's ID tags to the collar?
Yes. Identification is very important. Attach your dog's tags to one D-ring. A nameplate may also be attached to the collar. 

How do I reattach the safety buckle after an emergency release has occurred?
After an emergency situation forces a release of the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar, dog owners can snap it back together by following these steps:

  1. Hold the clip above the buckle base at a 90 degree angle;
  2. Align the clip above the button on the buckle base;
  3. Press firmly to connect the two pieces;
  4. Rotate the clip to the left.

Is the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar designed to be a break-away collar for dogs that are tied-out?
No, the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is not for use in tie-out. When the collar is attached to a leash the break-away feature is disengaged. The collar is designed to be a dog's everyday collar to keep them safe from collar accidents when they are not tied out.

I keep my dog's regular collar loose so he can slip out of it. Isn't that safe?
No. A loose collar is far more likely to get snagged and twist, creating a life-threatening situation. There is little opportunity for a dog to slip out of the collar once it has become caught and twisted. If a dog loses his conventional collar, it is a red flag that he may not be so lucky next time.

I don't put a collar on my dog but I'm nervous that he doesn't have identification on.
A KeepSafe Break-Away Collar with proper identification is a far safer choice than no collar at all. The collar is designed to provide peace of mind for dog owners and safety for their dogs. We also recommend that all dogs should be micro-chipped or tattooed for easy identification in case they should ever be lost.

My dog is micro-chipped and tattooed. Does he need a collar?
Micro-chipping and tattooing are very important, but a visible collar on a dog is an instant message that a dog belongs somewhere. A KeepSafeBreak-Away Collar with identification is a safer choice than no collar.

What if my dog loses the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar and his identification?
This can happen. A dog may lose a conventional collar as well or the collar may be removed and the dog is without identification. The KeepSafeBreak-Away Collar is designed to be part of a dog's collar "wardrobe" with different collars suiting different needs. For example, a dog may wear the KeepSafe Break-Away Collar as his everyday safety collar when he is not supervised and the Gentle Leader headcollar when he is out for a walk.


Testimonials Premier has received from customers

We rescued Molly in October 09, she passed February 4th, 2010, she was only 11 months old. We felt she needed a friend and rescued Jake. He had lots of energy. Jake played rough with Molly but she seemed to be accepting. We knew he wasn't the right friend for her so we were in the process of finding him a home and agreed to keep him as a foster home. My girlfriend came home and saw only Jake at the gate, went around to the back but didn't see Molly. She called for her, saw her laying and knew something wasn't right. In fact, had the very feeling that she died by her collar. Turns out Jake played too rough and pulled on her collar that caused her windpipe to collapse, causing her death. If she has a breakaway collar, she would be here today. I think all other collars should have disclaimers about the real potentials of danger. It's just not right.

- Joshua B.
I have 2 very large Boxers that jump and rumble to play a lot. I had just gotten out of the shower when I hear a weird bark type moan. Upon going to see what it was, my Brindle Boxer was laying on the floor while the other smaller Boxer was standing over her neck. At first I thought maybe the smaller one had bitten my Brindle & gotten her teeth lodged in her neck. I realized my smaller girl had gotten her teeth caught in my Brindle's collar and was strangling her. I broke two pairs of scissors trying to cut them loose. At this point I just knew my Brindle was dead, but I still tried CPR. I went to call my husband and as I turned around she had actually caught her breath and was standing. I have owned boxers for over 20 years and have never witnessed anything like this horrific in my life.

- AJ
We had a beautiful Boston terrier (2-yr-old) that got his collar caught in his crate. He strangled himself to death. His brother was in the crate next to it and watched the whole thing. Hindsight is always 20/20 and we should have known to not put a dog in a crate with his collar on, but we didn’t. It is a very sad story.

- Josh L.
We had a close call with our two Labs last night. One dog's tooth got hooked on the other's collar. Luckily, I heard the commotion & was able to free the collar. (actually, I could not, but my husband could). If we had not been home, not heard them, or not been able to release the collar, Ruckus would not have made it! So glad to find your collar online... I am telling all the dog lovers in my life our story, & about your collars!!

- Judy F.
I, too, had a very close call with my male German Shepherd and female Black Lab. When they were about a year old they were playing outside my kitchen door. I was working in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard the most blood curdling scream coming from my Black Lab. She had gotten her lower jaw caught and twisted under the collar of my Shepherd. I was able to snap open the collar of the Shepherd and they were both okay. I am certain however, that if I hadn’t been so close, one or both dogs would have died. I ordered your breakaway collars the next week. Thank you for your product.

- Charlotte C.
Your collar has saved my Ridgeback from serious injury 3 times in her 3 years - 2 times while playing rough with other dogs, and once while climbing up and sniffing around a nursery tree box - the collar caught on the corner of the wooden box fast, but allowed her to get away. I cannot thank you enough for making this invaluable product - I recommend it to everyone.

- Lindsay T.
On Christmas Eve, my 2 year-old Maui was playing with 5 month-old Boomarang. Maui was wearing her thick leather collar and Boomer was in a nylon one. They started playing pretty rough & I decided to stop them. I found Maui was strangling Boomer - her lower teeth were caught in his collar and they had twisted and turned so much she was killing him. My husband & I were able to release Boomer and he dropped lifeless to the ground. With the help of CPR, we were able to save him. Thankfully, he is still a loving and growing pup and will only use a BreakAway Collar from now on.

- Sherri A.
First of all I want to say THANK YOU for offering a break-away collar for dogs. My two labs have been "naked" for weeks after an incident with their collars. I was extremely happy to find a product that would ensure the safety of my fur family and allow me to leave collars/ID tags on them with peace of mind.

Last month I was close to drifting off to sleep when one of my labs, Sundance, made a very quiet gagging noise. No big deal I thought....he just got a little something in his throat. Then I thought....oh no....what if he vomits on the carpet! I jumped up to guide him outside and was shocked to see his lower jaw twisted in the collar of my other lab, Karma. It appeared that while playing Sundance had caught his mouth in Karma's collar and in an effort to get loose had twisted the collar around his lower jaw. It was plain to see Karma was being strangled. I tried to unclip Karma's collar but the buckle was in Sundance's mouth and I just couldn't get to it. The collar was unbelievably tight on Karma's neck and I couldn't get a grip on the buckle. I yelled to my husband to bring a pair of scissors but the collar was so tight we couldn't get the scissors underneath the collar to cut it loose. My husband pulled out his pocket knife but couldn't get even that thin blade under the collar. I told him to cut it from the top. At that point I felt a cut to Karma's neck would be better than her dying from strangulation right in front of our eyes. He cut the collar and freed the dogs.

I'd never heard of collar strangulation. I take my dogs to dog daycare where there are 40+ collared dogs playing together. Believe me....having a collar on your dog is a recipe for disaster. You may get lucky and it will never happen but it only takes a second and even if you are right there your dog could still die.

I will NEVER put a collar on my dogs again without knowing it will break away if one of them gets into a bad situation.

- Ladena S.

  • Keepsafe Color Options:
    Royal Blue
  • Keepsafe Sizes:
    Medium 1"
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